Spell, Laugh, and Learn with EZBZ™ Spelling!

A multi-level educational board game for the whole family. Ignite a love for learning through play, family bonding, and skill-building adventure.

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EZBZ™ Spelling Game Concept

As you move through your worker-bee journey moving from flower to the Queen Bee, you will spell words that make your flight path faster! Spell a word right? Move to the nearest Honeycomb space. Spell a word wrong? Learn how to spell it correctly for next time, and get another chance at the start of your next turn.

If you encounter a Stinger Space or a Buzzer Space, you’ll try your luck with classic games of chance to move further up the board while squaring off with another player to increase your lead (or make up some ground). You may also run into a Slider Space, which moves you quickly through the flight path and gives you a chance to get to that Queen Bee even faster!

First player to the Queen Bee and spells their final word correctly WINS!

Players of varying abilities can participate together, creating an inclusive and cooperative environment that fosters lasting memories, family bonding, and most importantly, a love for learning. Get ready to embark on a spellbinding adventure with EZBZ Spelling, where education and entertainment come together in perfect harmony!

Customized learning

Tailored spelling practice for each child's grade level.

Enhanced engagement

Chance and risk elements keep players captivated.


Brings together players of different ages and abilities.


Shared fun and learning experiences create lasting memories.

Educational & Fun

The game seamlessly integrates a spelling curriculum into a captivating board game format, allowing children to learn and practice their spelling skills while having a blast with their family.

Engaging Design

The animated board design is visually appealing and designed specifically to capture children's attention, making the learning experience more enjoyable and immersive.
Board Design
EZBZ Cards

Multiple Skill Levels

EZBZ Spelling accommodates players of varying spelling abilities, enabling them to participate and compete together. This adaptability fosters an inclusive environment where children can learn from one another and have fun as a family.

What we believe

Children learn best when they’re being a kid – that means playing and having fun!
Board games are a great way to create family fun and lasting memories.
The best learning tools are those that can be customized to the person and are engaging to build long-term memory.

Why partner/invest with us

We’re looking for investors to assist in the manufacturing of our board game and bringing it into the homes of families nationwide.

  • Our simple, yet innovative game concept (requiring a game board and playing cards) makes our game easy to scale and makes the cost of production low.
  • We have obtained copyright protection on the game concept and brand name – protecting our game concept from being easy copied by competitors.
  • The board game industry has been growing consistently over the years, and educational board games are becoming increasingly popular as parents look to reduce their children’s screen time while looking for engaging ways to further their children’s desire to learn. A survey conducted by the Toy Association found that 70% of parents said that they would prefer to buy toys that offer educational benefits for their children, and 72% of parents said that they believe that toys can help their children learn important skills. Similarly, the educational games market is expected to reach USD 93.53 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 38.67% from 2022 to 2030. This growth is due to the increasing adoption of e-learning and gamification in schools and the rising demand for educational toys and games.
  • While traditional board games have dominated the market for years, there has been increased demand for innovative games that bring all kinds of players to the table. Kickstarter – the popular crowdfunding site – indicates that 47.3% of game concepts are successfully funded and obtain an average investment of $28,283. This demonstrates that a fun, simple concept can generate sufficient market demand to get a game off the ground and in the houses of families nationwide.
  • Although board games are growing in popularity, many consumers are looking for ways to integrate digital technology into their gaming experiences. Spelling games that incorporate digital elements, such as interactive spell-checks or mobile applications, can appeal to consumers who are looking for a more interactive and engaging gaming experience. Our game has digital pronunciations for each card, so that no matter your spelling level you can participate and learn words as you test your competitor’s skills.
  • Children's spelling board games have significant potential in the educational market, particularly in schools and after-school programs. These institutions often look for games that are both educational and engaging, making spelling board games an excellent choice. By marketing their products to schools and educational organizations, a new entrant can tap into a potentially significant market.

Risks & Challenges

Production of this game is simple: the box contains a board and playing cards with different spelling levels. However, like many businesses in the post-pandemic economy, we anticipate manufacturing delays and logistics issues as we work to bring this game into the homes of families everywhere. To keep this risk low, we are seeking an experienced partner in the board game / toy industry to help us overcome any delays we may run into and deliver the highest quality game possible.

Even if you lose, your child wins!

EZBZ Spelling